‘The’ Job Search Bible



Want to get them all and become a Pro in the Job Search? This is for you.

This is the downloadable version that will be in the .PDF format. Please visit our Amazon page for our Kindle edition. Click here, if you would like the print version.



No matter how much training you might receive at your new job, who’s going to train you on how to get there in the first place? This book, that’s who. We’ve condensed each aspect of the job search into the folds of this little holy text.

Building Your Bulletproof CV
Learn how to construct a CV that’s sure to stay out of the recycling bin.

Becoming a LinkedIn All-Star
Bring your online job search into the screaming 20s properly by perfecting that profile.

Engaging with Your Future Employer
From your covering letter to your digital reputation, make sure they get a good impression.

Winning in Interviews
Stop feeling like a deer in the headlights when asked for your weaknesses.

Beginning Your New Job
You’ve snagged it. Now what?

We can’t guarantee this book will get you into the paradise of your choosing, but it can at least get you into a cosy office building.